Monday, July 10, 2017

House Updates

I've mentioned here and there about our house renovations and they have finally come to a close.  We moved in the last week of February and were literally having our kitchen completely demo'd 3 weeks later.  In a nutshell we had the old kitchen and living room opened up into one big open floorplan.  There was also a formal living room at the front of the house that was closed off and instead of having a wasted space we opened up a large casing to make it accessible from our living room.  We've made that space the dining room and are so glad for the "openness" that the floorplan didn't have before.  We had the back deck replaced completely and had the exterior painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster white with Pavestone shutters.  

here are a few pics before the demo...Doesn't everyone want a baby white ceiling fan in their kitchen?

And some of the finished product!

We definitely did a very basic, low budget kitchen reno in case we decide to sell in a few years...white shaker stock cabinets (not custom), white subway tile with grey grout, quartz countertops, nickel hardware, glass pendants, stainless steel appliances, with the gas range by far being our favorite.  We actually plan to trade out the island pendants for something more dramatic looking but I've been shopping for months and the only ones I like are forever out of stock on Wayfair.  These were just a cheap Home Depot option for now.  I've also since sewed up the curtains into roman shades.  

Lots of little updates to do here and there.  We've been trying to swap out all the brass door hardware for bronze, shop for curtains & rugs, etc. but all of that will just take time.  Not to mention Ryder wants bunk beds! I think Ryan and I need clones of ourselves to get everything done.

Reese Turns Three

Our sweet and spicy Reese turned three on Friday and we celebrated this princess BIG all weekend.  Ryan worked the weekend before so he thankfully had Friday off work.  That didn't stop him from making a donut run at 7am to make sure she had her favorite breakfast after presents.  Pink sprinkle donut of course.  
We told her she could pick whatever she wanted to do that day and she picked "swimming in the big pool" so we took her swimming around lunch which was soon spoiled by these crazy Alabama thunderstorms.  We spent the afternoon finishing up party planning, picking up the cake, etc.  and hosted a big party Saturday morning at the local splash pad with friends and family.  This girl has been waiting for her friends to sing her happy birthday for weeks now and she finally got to do it.  The look on her face was priceless and worth every minute of the party planning.  

She got lots of presents and some beach gear for our big trip to 30A next week.  I am soaking up these lazy summer days with her and Ryder before he starts Kindergarten and she begins preschool and ballet in August.  Time is flying by with these two!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June Update

Here is a little bit of what we've been up to in June:

  • wrapping up our kitchen renovation (DONE other than some painting and a small punch list)  
  • potty training Reese.  I feel like I need a Haz Mat suit to enter our bathroom
  • driving around with a potty in my car
  • finding a preschool for Reese (I start back work part-time in August)
  • teaching Vacation Bible Camp
  • entertaining the most bored five year old in the history of the world
  • getting the exterior of our house painted
  • getting our 11 year old dog put on doggy Prozac
  • grilling for our best friends who move houses next week
  • taking whining kids swimming at Ross Bridge to keep them entertained
  • taking the kids to the gas station one evening for fidget spinners.  Seemed like a terrible idea at the time but they have actually been fun
  • and finally falling asleep at the wheel of the Outback To Go parking space one Sunday night (see above items)
Here are some pics from Monday night when I cooked pizza with the kids while Ryan is out of town.  I am trying to get some pics from Bible Camp this week.  It is a superhero theme and such a cute idea!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


May has been a lot busier than I had hoped.  Ryan has been traveling to Montgomery for work for about a month now until they can find a replacement for someone that was fired.  He is pulling "Double Director Duty" at two retirement homes for another few weeks and we will be glad to be back to a normal schedule.  Ryder has been asking about vacations to the beach and the Aquarium but we just have to tell him no until our schedules settle down. 

Ryder is so cute waiting on his Daddy to get home from his travels.  This is him one evening pretending to hide in his tree as Ryan pulls in the driveway.  He sometimes blasts him with toy arrows or the water hose which isn't so cute. 

We've had Mother's Day, my 33rd birthday, preschool graduation, birthday parties for friends, Wednesday bible study, the end of Upward soccer season, etc. and it's been hard to find time on the weekends to fit in anything extra. 

We are really hoping and praying that June will be the end of our house renovation, and more time as a family.  Here's hoping! 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

End of April

After Easter we had to do some kitchen box shifting and moving around furniture because we had our popcorn ceilings scraped throughout the main living areas.  We were warned it was a messy process but thankfully we are through all that and are finally working on cleaning and putting the house back together.  We are doing a lot of the interior painting ourselves as we go and it will take some time but it's beginning to resemble a home again.  The kitchen is about 50% complete I would say.  They have done the demo, framing, plumbing, electrical, and hardwood flooring and now we are waiting on the white shaker cabinets to arrive from the manufacturer. 

In the meantime, this is our current cooking situation.  We've had to get creative with dinner ideas and can't wait to cook with pots and pans on a real stove.  We keep the coffee pot in the bathroom and do dishes in the bathtub.  Fun times. 

Last week Ryder's school had a field trip to the Birmingham Zoo.  No siblings were allowed so Ryan drove Reese at 7am that morning to meet Pammy and Paw Paw in Gadsden before turning around and heading to work in Trussville.  I was so grateful because me and my little buddy had the best morning together.  There is just something about our bond that is indescribable and he certainly has my heart.   

Bless him, we had a broken arm scare this week thanks to some punching bag toys, but after a trip to the pediatrician it was thankfully Nurse Maid's Elbow.  The doctor painfully twisted the tendon loose and he was as good as new within an hour.  He fell asleep on the couch at 5 and was back to his old self the next day. 

It's been an exhausting week.  You know you are in the trenches of parenthood when there are 3 beds in the house and you manage to sleep in all 3 in one night.  I also made a trip to Walmart at 5:45 am one morning for children's Tylenol and a wireless router.      

We have Kindergarten tour, Upward soccer game, and a cookout with friends this weekend.  April flew by and we will be on summer break in the blink of an eye!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Trying to catch up the blog this week!  Ryan worked long hours the weekend of our Easter egg hunt at church so I took the kids solo and we loaded up on candy...candy that we had bought, honestly because our Sunday School class volunteers every year to buy the candy and stuff all 800 eggs. 

It was super fun though and after the egg hunt we came home to rest before our friend Nora's two year old birthday party that afternoon.  It was an Ice Cream theme and the kids played for hours in their backyard and the adults got to visit with Auburn, Huntsville, Decatur, Chicago, and DC friends that we don't get to see very often. 

You can't tell from the pic but they wore their matching Easter bunny shirts that their Pammy made for all the Grands. 

Because he worked the prior weekend, Ryan had Good Friday off so we set the construction crew straight at the house before heading to the Zoo to see the new Jaguar exhibit.  The kids played in their clothes in the Zoo splash pad and we picked up Taziki's Friday Special on the way home after a long morning.  It was heavenly. 

When we arrived home we had a surprise attached to the mailbox.  Ryders's welcome to Vestavia Elementary West note was attached to our mailbox and I just had to get a pic despite the lack of clothing. 

Reese took a quick nap before we headed to Ryan's Aunt Bev and Uncle Joe's that afternoon at 3 for their annual egg hunt.  This is Bev and Joe with not even all of their great-grands.  Missing 6 from Texas and Nashville (I think?)

And the next morning we had soccer for Ryder then Easter lunch at Pammy and Paw Paw's in Centre with my mom's family. 
I made an Easter bunny stop at Target that night at 8pm because I can't shop for their baskets when they are with me 24/7.  We were so whooped I didn't even get a pic of them in their Sunday best but we had a great service at church and then enjoyed the afternoon at home.  Actually, we were washing cars, etc. because we are used to lonely holidays.  If I recall we spent Thanksgiving lunch raking leaves, haha. 

But we are staying busy with this season of life that's for sure!

Friday, April 7, 2017

A few Pics from Our Crazy Week

We've had a week full of lots of adventures.  From spraying ants in the driveway, playing in the rain flowing down the street, battling hail storms, and using a weed sprayer filled with water as entertainment.  

We are still cleaning up all the debris from Wednesday's storm.  I usually get about 30 seconds of uninterrupted time before someone needs their shoe back on, more juice poured, their magic marker top pulled off, etc.  Add in the renovation and it's looking cute around here!  

Here are a few pics from our week...