Friday, April 7, 2017

A few Pics from Our Crazy Week

We've had a week full of lots of adventures.  From spraying ants in the driveway, playing in the rain flowing down the street, battling hail storms, and using a weed sprayer filled with water as entertainment.  

We are still cleaning up all the debris from Wednesday's storm.  I usually get about 30 seconds of uninterrupted time before someone needs their shoe back on, more juice poured, their magic marker top pulled off, etc.  Add in the renovation and it's looking cute around here!  

Here are a few pics from our week... 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Just wanted to give an update on March happenings!  We moved into our new house the last few days of February and have spent the last 3 weeks unpacking, organizing the garage, etc.  (for those local blog followers, we are right behind the high school baseball fields on Highbluff Road)

Honestly, the past month has been worse than staging, packing, and moving but I guess that's part of it.  It didn't help that our washer/dryer was on backorder so we have made multiple trips to the laundromat and/or friends to wash our clothes and I have made at least 10-12 trips to the storage unit to finally get all the stuff we stored when we staged our house (golf clubs, fire pits, toy bins, etc). 
There just hasn't been a lot of time "at home", especially for Ryan who worked the first weekend and had a 3 day work conference the next week. call us even more crazy we decided to go ahead and get started on some house renovations instead of spending a year getting the house painted and "decorated perfect" only to tear it back up again.  The demo team is currently above us in the kitchen this afternoon as we camp out in the downstairs play room.  Luckily it has couches, a giant tv with built ins, and a temporary kitchen.  We are hoping not to kill each other over the next 2 months!

The kids are currently snuggled together in their new hideout.  These two can make anything into an adventure!

Other more fun things have been the start of Upward soccer for Ryder.  It is his first sport and he has been so excited.  He has played only one game played so far due to rain but it's still been fun.

I also registered him for Kindergarten this week!  Some days it makes me sad and some days I can't wait to get him out of my hair but I guess that's parenthood.

The highlight of my month has been finally capturing their morning routine as they load in the car.  Reese stands next to Ryder and holds her shirt up to "pee like him".  Bless her, this is for sure a keeper for when she gets big!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mussatos Make a Move

Lots going on in February!  We put our house on the market at the beginning of the month and it was under contract within days.  Luckily we had an awesome realtor who was able to find us a house in Vestavia because the buyers wanted us out in 20 days.  Yikes.  It's been quite an answered prayer for our family.  We go to church in Vestavia, Ryan grew up and went to school there, and we decided that's where our family belongs so we went ahead and made the move this Spring before Ryder starts Kindergarten in August.

I was worried the kids would be stressed over the move but as you can see they think it is a big adventure!

Other than packing an entire house in 20 days, Ryan and I also went to see Eric Church last Friday night.  I was dreading staying up that late and not being able to put my babies to bed.  Of course he doesn't understand but I told Ryan that being without them is like leaving my two arms back behind at home.  But we hadn't been to a concert in years and years and it was his Christmas present so what can you do?

I also took Ryder to see the Wild Kratts show at the Alabama Theatre on Monday afternoon while Reese stayed with Pammy.  Ryder and I got there early to park at the McWane parking deck and have lunch.  Pooh Bear got his very own McWane sticker. 

And here is Ryder in his Creature Power suit.

We had the best time despite me being sick as a dog.  I finally went to an Urgent Care Tuesday morning after feeling like it was strep.  It tested negative but they gave me some Amoxicillin to help with a bacterial infection in my throat and it is starting to feel a little better.

Will post more again as soon as I can.  Movers come tomorrow and we will be busy getting everyone comfy at the new house.  Prayers for all please!   And here is a pic of the new house.  It needs an exterior makeover/paint job ASAP and a backyard cleanup but we are excited to make it ours!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's 2017

Ryder loves holidays and this Valentine's Day was no exception.  He recognizes people's decorations, wreaths, flags, etc on their homes and always asks to decorate at home too.  We bought some craft supplies at Michael's and had a fun afternoon on Monday working on them.  We also made a splurge purchase on giant lollipops.  Why, oh why, must stores place things like this in the checkout line?? 

Ryder picked out Miles from Tomorrowland  Valentines for friends at Target but after seeing the creative ones that he came home with yesterday from his school party I kind of feel bad for how lame ours were.  Maybe next year we will step it up!

The kids also went to the dentist last week which is always eventful.  The staff make it super fun for them with toys, movies, etc.  Of course the new Trolls movie was playing in the waiting room and is also front and center when you walk in the door at Target so that was another splurge purchase.  This is the waiting room below!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  February is passing by so fast it seems.

Monday, February 6, 2017

All About Reese

Catching up on the blog today with a post all about Reese!  Both mine and Ryan's Iphones are struggling for storage so it's been hard to capture pics lately.  We went to Centre for several days and I left my Canon camera at home so I missed all kinds of fun memories like swimming in the hot tub at 7:30 am on a Friday morning. 

Reese has been an absolute hoot since Ryder's birthday party last month.  She is obsessed with birthday parties now and keeps a stack of party supplies in her room along with toy cake.  She chases us around the house singing Happy Birthday and blowing out a pretend candle.  Ask her how old she is and she will say Five! 

We also spend endless amounts of time in her room playing McDonald's.  Her toy kitchen is two-sided and she makes me sit on a stool to place my order through the window. 

She still loves watching shows on her Ipad.  She calls it her "Purple Pad Pad".  Her favorites lately are Peppa Pig and Ryan's Toy Review.  Family Fun Pack is a classic also.  Her Peppa ensemble is one of her favorite outfits and I love it too.  I captured these this morning after Library story time, or Rabbit Hop as she calls it.  It is her favorite place to go besides visiting at Pammy & Paw Paw's, Mimi's or Molly's houses. 

Her independence is slightly frustrating, a little comical, and mostly amazing.  She loves to open all things herself and doesn't want help unless she gives it a shot first.  She also loves helping me load clothes in and out of the washer and dryer.  She is able to hand me the clean dishes out of the dishwasher to place into cabinets.  And she is my #1 helper when it comes to picking up pine cones in the back yard.  If she wasn't 1000 times prettier than me I would call her my mini-me. 

She is very particular and demanding but she is also 2 1/2 so I suppose I should give her some credit.
We love her head to toe, all 22 pounds of her tiny self.     

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ryder is Five

We celebrated Ryder's Fifth birthday this past weekend and I believe it took until today to recover.  Friday started with his pediatrician checkup and 3 shots.  We had been talking about it for weeks to prepare him and it totally worked.  He didn't cry and was more concerned about the trip to Toys R Us afterwards.  The doctor had recommended getting them at age 4 but I think it was worth it to wait because he could process it more.  So one skateboard later we were home for the afternoon to setup for his party on Saturday.

We rented a bounce house and the owner wanted to play golf that morning at 7am.  He asked if he could come at 6 to set it up which was so fun to wake up to.  Ryder was literally bouncing his heart out at 6:40 am.  The party was superhero themed and a few friends dressed up.  Just simple pizza, cupcakes, and a piƱata. 

Birthday Boy with his Astornaut suit from Aunt Molly.  He has said for almost a year now that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Reese with the Pinata

And getting ready for bedtime with his party balloons. 

On a sidenote, the bounce house guy also couldn't pick it back up until Sunday morning so we had friends over, ordered Indian food, and bounced the night away.  Everyone except Reese who was down for the count at 5. 

Sunday was his actual birthday and he started the day off with a trip to Krispy Kreme.  Ryan took him to Chuck E Cheese right after church and then we all went to Mexican for dinner.  The waiters let him wear the sombrero as they sang him Feliz Cumpleanos and it was hilarious. 

There aren't words to explain how much we love this sweet boy.  I am DREADING sending him to Kindergarten and just want him by my side all the time.  I cannot even begin to hear Dixie Chick's Godspeed on my Pandora without getting emotional.  Listened to it 1000 times when he was in my tummy.  Here is a little about him...
  • is still into Superman, Power Rangers, and Wild Kratts
  • favorite food is Cheese Taco which is just American cheese in a soft tortilla microwaved and rolled tight
  • weighs between 34 and 35 pounds
  • would much rather play than learn.  It's been a real challenge to get him to practice letters, numbers, reading, etc.  It's just SO BORING he says. 
  • says 1000 times a day "right, mom?"  I think sister needs to quit crying now...right, mom?  actually we've kind of all started doing it...right, Ryder?  & then Ryan likes to echo, "that's right!"
  • he is still so innocent when it comes to troubles of the world.  I don't leave the news on at all with the kids and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible.  Policemen do nothing except catch you speeding and make sure you are buckled up, Firemen not only put out fires but rescue cats out of trees, and ambulances are for kids that eat peanut butter that are allergic.
We love him so much and love seeing God's plans for him unfold with each passing year.   That's all for now.  He is asking me to help with Legos and there is nothing else I would rather do on this rainy afternoon.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Birthdays, Snow Days, Long Days...we've had ALL the days lately.  We celebrated Ryan and Aunt
 Molly's New Years Birthdays on January 1st.  It rained all day but we had a nice lunch with Zoe's roll ups and cake.  Ryder helped me with the decorations and we found these awesome party hats at Dollar Tree. 

This is the birthday boy with his Squirrel as he calls her. 

These two played together pretty well over Christmas Break.  Caught them hiding in the washing machine one day which they like to pretend is a space ship.

And we also bought a second hand John Deere tractor from one of Ryder's friends.  We've hooked up the red wagon behind it a few times so Ryder can drive Reese in circles around the driveway. 

And last weekend we had a light dusting of snow! 

I was home with the kids by myself for 2 nights because Ryan has to make sure the retirement home keeps functioning when the staff can't make it to work.  We got a little stir crazy, played hide and seek, put together many Legos, puzzles, and basically played with every single Christmas toy but we managed to all get along.  I think the kids went Thursday until Monday without even getting in a car.

We celebrated Ryder's birthday with a huge party yesterday which deserves it's own post.  Today he is FIVE!