Saturday, June 16, 2018

May and Early June 2018

May was so busy with activities for both kids.  Reese had her first dance recital.  Which was  basically mandatory attendance of a 2 hour dress rehearsal then the actual recital in which we waited through an hour of other acts before she finally performed for about 45 seconds.  She loved it though and now every time we drive by the High School (where the performance was) she has to announce to the car "that's My Stage!" 

Reese and I helped with Ryder's May Day relay races, helped throw the end of year Karate party, shopped for 13 different end of year teacher gifts (and still managed to forget some) and finally Ryder had his last day of Kindergarten.  Notice the tall socks which he started asking to wear once it became shorts weather.  

We stayed in town Memorial Day weekend and helped Ryan throw a cookout at his work for the area first responders.  Then June was here and we managed to go to two Barons baseball games over 48 hours.  They were both super fun night games.  

Last weekend we boarded Sully for the first time then headed out of town for 2 nights in Chattanooga.  Ryder has been asking to go to the aquarium for several months so we did that and also the Discovery Children's Museum. Notice the change of clothes in these pics.  That's because we got to the aquarium when it opened at 10 and were done with it by 11:30.  Ryder was so scared of the sharks the first time but after an afternoon swim in the hotel pool we all got dressed again for aquarium round 2 since the ticket was good all day.  This time the sharks were cool.  

This week I have led Ryder's class at our church Bible Camp and then we had a few swim lessons in the afternoon at the local YMCA.  The weeks are so jam-packed that the weekend errand lists are super lame but hopefully we will squeeze in something fun!   

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Easter, Zoo Trip, and The Raptors

We celebrated Easter a few weeks ago with lot of activities.  Poor Ryan took the kids on at least 2 egg hunts by himself while I worked several Saturdays this Spring.  We always look forward to our church egg hunt also & have enough candy to last until Halloween.    

We missed out on some family celebrations because I bought Lion King tickets for the day before Easter.  So Ryder went to see Lion King with his Mimi and Molly while Ryan, Reese, and I went to St. Vincent's hospital to meet our best friend's new baby boy Grant who was born on Good Friday.  

On Sunday we went to an earlier church service so we could go out to Ross Bridge for Easter lunch and celebrate Mimi's birthday.  

The next week I had the opportunity to help chaperone Ryder's Kindergarten field trip to the Zoo.  With school all week for him and a busy work schedule we haven't had a lot of time together lately and this was the perfect day for us.  He even ate his lunch sitting in my lap instead of with his friends.   

One Monday evening Ryan had an event at his work where the Auburn University Raptor Center performed their education show for the residents.  They travel with (I think) 7 different birds and do an hour long program about them and the rehabilitation process.  This is Ryder with the newest Golden Eagle currently in training to fly on the field this fall.  

And Reese with the white screech owl.  

I can barely remember what happened the second half of April other than lots of laundry, cleaning the house, scooping dog poop, Bible Study, Karate, Dance, soccer, watching baby Grant so Nicole could go to doctor's appointments, doctors appointments for me for stomach problems I am having, birthday parties for friends, and buying some new living room furniture which is super cute but I haven't actually had time to sit on it yet. 

Ryder also outgrew his first bike so we went Sunday afternoon to purchase one more his size and try it out at the park.  Reese was allowed to pick something also so she strutted her stuff in a new Moana costume on the park playground.    

We are looking forward to a weekend at home with Ryder's last soccer game, Kentucky Derby watching, Cinco de Mayo tacos, and lots of playing.  The end of May will be a whirlwind I'm sure as we celebrate Mother's Day, Dance Recitals, my 34th birthday, Paw Paw's 60th birthday, and the end of the school year.  Jesus, be near.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Update

We've been super busy since January.  With a new pup in the house it was pretty hectic at first but potty training went so smoothly and he is now adjusted to the kids.  Sully has also started to show us more of his personality which is half wild man and half lap baby. 

Ryder started Upward soccer again this year.  They actually hold weekly practice too so our days are jam-packed with school, work, karate, dance, soccer, bible studies, and church obligations.  I am looking forward to summer break so much this time around!      

3 1/2 year old Reese remains as opinionated as always.  She has finally started playing more with her baby dolls...playing Mommy, school, taking them to the grocery store, etc. which has been a great distraction as I get ready for work every morning.  She loves all of her friends from school and we get together with them as much as we can.  She is more social than Ryder and we laugh about it because we can't go anywhere without someone yelling across the store, ball field, etc "there's Reese!!!" 

We are gearing up for Easter festivities.  Lots of egg hunts this year and I am doing the Resurrection Eggs with Ryder every morning at the table as he eats his breakfast.  

1 John 2:2 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.   

Monday, February 19, 2018

Ryder is SIX and Sully

In January we celebrated Ryder's sixth birthday!  We had originally intended to host a party with all of his Kindergarten classmates but right after Christmas he decided he just wanted a How to Train Your Dragon pizza party at Pammy and Paw Paw's house with cousins.  

He is the sweetest boy that I know & he has changed so much since starting school.  He likes few toys and mostly enjoys either getting energy out outside or playing on his Wii U in his loft bed to relax.  He loves salad, pizza, cheese tacos, popcorn, Hershey bars, his Ipad and Wii U, laying around in just his undies, the weekend, and his family.  And lately is very into Jurassic Park. 
He does not enjoy learning or going to church haha.  Just like his Daddy.   

We had been on the hunt for a "big dog that listens" for him for several months and we found the perfect litter of Golden Retrievers puppies that turned 8 weeks the weekend of his birthday.  So one freezing cold Saturday morning we drove the kids to my parent's house and had them setup party decorations while we drove to Sand Mountain to pickup our Sully.  

This is Ryder and Sully that night after we finally made it home after a big day.  He weighed 11 pounds when we got him and a month later he is already almost 25!

And adjusting to his new surroundings 

Like all new things, it has taken some time to adjust.  He was rather wild for the first 2 weeks and was either playing hard or sleeping but he has since calmed down so much.  At first we had to pull up a rug and shove the coffee table into the corner of the couch to keep him from nipping toes and stealing stuffed animals but we've gone almost a week now without having to do that which is a great improvement.  Charlie remains rather perturbed about the new pup but he is also turning 12 this can you really blame him?

Our sweet addition loves his FOOD, pinecones, walks down our street, chilling on the fireplace bricks, and stealing anything at all accidentally left on the floor.  We are hoping for many happy memories with Ryder and his new pup.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas 2017

We went into Christmas Break so excited for no school and to spend quality time with family and friends...but when the flu hit our house all plans changed.  It hit me the worst and I went 6 straight days with a fever, seeing spots, chills, sweating down to the mattress, and coughing like a crazy person ...all while somehow managing to watch kids, finish Christmas shopping, and attend parties with a smile on my face.  It was all such a blur.

Reese's great grandmother gifted her with this giant unicorn 2 days before Christmas which led to Ryder being super jealous and insisting that Santa would bring him a giant animal too.  

After a mad scramble we purchased this bear for $20 off someone's porch in Mountain Brook and hid it in Ryan's Tahoe until Santa could bring it Christmas morning.  

Reese's one item on her Santa list was a Barbie Jeep and she was so excited.  There may be some negatives about our new house but we truly have the best street for Power Wheels because we are on a dead end with no traffic.  Now she just needs to learn to steer!

Ryder received several new games & accessories for his WiiU and loves going to his room to snuggle with Big Bear and play games.  

In their bath robes Christmas morning.  

Once the Christmas holidays were over and we had some days to recover we honestly had a pretty great New Years weekend.  Ryan turned 38 and we spent most of the weekend relaxing under blankets on the couch, reading, cooking, and having cake with family.  

This upcoming weekend Ryder turns 6 and we have a BIG surprise in store for him in the form of a 6 week old Golden Retriever puppy that he has wanted for over a year now.  Keep us in your prayers this weekend as we balance work, small kids, and old dementia Maltipoo, and a brand new puppy.    

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Like most of central Alabama, we had the most fun Snow Day last week.  Ryder was dressed in snow gear and playing in it as it began falling before 7am.  We spent the majority of the day outside and took breaks to come in for warm food and to place our gloves and coats for a spin in the dryer.  

I can't believe it is almost Christmas!  Lots of shopping to still do.  I caved and applied for a Target Red card since I am either there or placing online orders at least once a week.  We also had a Barbie Jeep crisis and I ended up ordering two because one says it "may" arrive after Christmas.  That was a quick $600.  

Plus the kids are out for Christmas Break which is both fun and stressful because for the first time in 3 years I am having to coordinate child care so I can keep working.  Luckily, we know a few babysitters this time around and the kids are a lot more fun and easy than they were as babies. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Despite the stress, there is nothing that can bring a smile to my face quicker than hearing the kids sing Christmas carols in the car with their little sweet voices.   


Thursday, November 2, 2017

October 2017

October for the Mussatos was super busy.  We started the first weekend with birthday invites to three separate parties but only made it to two.  This is Reese with a hired Rapunzel who painted the girls fingernails.  There were also chicken salad & pimiento cheeses sandwiches, a mimosa bar, and bounce house.  Three year old parties are serious stuff around here!

We've had some very pleasant nights and have enjoyed spending as much time outdoors before the super cold weather hits in a few weeks.  This is a pic of the kids peeking at Ryan as he mows the grass.  

And a pic I captured of the whole house with the two peeking out.  

My nephew Hayes spent the night with us for the first time Columbus Day weekend and then my parents drove the other cousins up the next day to play at our house.  I also took the three big kids to see Ninjago at the movie theater and they had so much fun.  

Ryder had his very first school bus ride and field trip last Friday!  He has made lots of new school friends and they had a great time at Old Baker Farm.  

He insisted that we carve his pumpkin when he got home that afternoon which was basically me doing all the work while the kids threw the pumpkin seeds into the backyard.  

We hosted friends one weekend and Ryan smoked several chickens that were so yummy.  We had leftover for days and we may do that again soon.  At one point of the day we had 9 kids at our house & I am still finding Nerf bullets in the bushes!  

Finally, we celebrated Halloween this week with trick or treating with friends.  Reese was the most beautiful Anna from Frozen and Ryder was a Lego Ninjago.  The last pic is our friend Nora who was Pinkalicious from her favorite book.